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We are experts in:

OS problems

Q. How do you know an unskilled PC technician?
A. After little or no diagnosis, they tell you that they need to "FORMAT IT" to fix a problem.

If your computer won't start up or has a serious problem and it was not physically 'hurt', we may get it running again with NO DATA LOSS!

Data recovery

  • Has the unskilled technician we mentioned above formatted your system and caused you serious data loss?
  • Did impoortant data get deleted by mistake?
  • Or did something really crazy happen and you simply just cannot find your data?

Let the PC Clinic help recover your data. Many data recovery applications are available online for free. Alas, the professional solution we provide cannot be found online because of its intangible nature - 'skill' cannot be downloaded else we would have saved you the trouble and gave you a link.

Reach us today and let's get your data back from a formatted hard disk, memory cards, USB drives or external storage devices.

Software problems

Your PC misbehaving all of a sudden? Let's hear about it. It may just be something we can happily fix over email. Otherwise we could take a look and have it fixed in no time at all.